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I was born in the small town of Almonte, Ontario and now live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I was always banging on something, whether it was pots, pans, counters whatever was around. I used knives, forks, and spoons, whatever I could find for sticks. I started playing drums at age 12 when my dad bought me a couple of drums for a six-pack. A couple of drums later & I was rockin' to many styles of music and developed a style wanted by many in the industry.

Ron McMunn (The Silver Fox)  invited me to work with him in 1978, when I was 17. My first gig with Ron was at The Lafontaine Hotel in Vanier, Ont. Ron was a major influence on me with his graciousness, his work ethic and his appreciation and support of musicians and songwriters in the Ottawa Valley. These were great lessons for me as a youngster in the music business. I never forgot the opportunities Ron gave me and would periodically join Ron on stage for an impromptu performance, just like old times. I continue to enable young musicians and writers to perform with me as Ron did some 30 years ago. Ron passed away in the spring of 2007 and they held quite a party for him in Clayton, Ontario, where he was born. Ron will surely be missed.
Thank you Ron.


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